As years go on and technology continues to advance, we’re slowly realising that certain things are best left to tradition. And shaving is no exception. Your Grandad or Great Grandad’s way of shaving was simple and better for your skin. And, to really understand why a traditional shaving kit is better, you need to understand what makes up a traditional shaving kit – for both men and women.

shaving brush with red wood handle straight razor and shave soap

What’s in a traditional shaving kit?

If you’re starting out from scratch, you’ll need the basics which are:

  • A safety or cut throat razor with blades
  • Shaving soap or cream
  • Shaving bowl
  • Shaving brush

If you want to add a brush stand, extra soap or refill, you can but the above is everything you need to start. And once you have it, you can pick up the men’s traditional shaving kit and see why it’s better to shave just like your Great Grandad did. 

You’ll get a better shave

From the lathering soap to the safety razor, you’ll experience a cleaner, smoother shave; and your skin will thank you too. 

The brush preps the facial hairs by stimulating and softening them so they’re ready for the shave. Plus, using a brush will lift them away from your face rather than matt them to it which is what can happen when using your hands. And finally, the brush acts as an exfoliator which helps to prevent ingrown hairs and spots. 

You’ll get a better foam and the soap will last longer

Swapping your can of shaving foam for a handmade shaving soap will not only give you a better lather, but it will also last a lot longer too. Our shave soaps are made from coconut oil and goat’s milk, completely free of any nasties which makes them kinder to your skin. They create a rich meringue-like lather that protects, moisturises, and cleanses the skin. And one tin will last the equivalent to around 4 cans of shaming foam. 

They’re better for the environment

Everything in a traditional shaving kit is recyclable – unlike disposable razors. From the metal razor blades to our metal shaving soap tins, they can all be recycled. You could even reuse the tins or empty wooden shaving bowls for something else. 

You’ll enjoy the shave more

There are many things that make shaving with a traditional shaving kit more enjoyable:

  1. The focus – the process of shaving with a safety or straight razor requires more concentration. It’s a time for you to focus on the task at hand and can help you switch off from the craziness of life; even if only for a few minutes. 
  2. The smells – made with essential oils, whatever scent you’ve picked will add to the enjoyment of the shave. 
    1. The aesthetics – a shaving kit makes a nice addition to any bathroom. Especially when you add a Magic Badger Shaving Brush and Stand. The huon pine stand with razor and hanging brush creates a nice feature. 
  3.  The story – when you buy a traditional shaving kit from an Artisan Maker you can feel good about supporting the story, and the person behind it. Whether you’re from the local area or you’re buying from across the globe, you’ve supported a local business and helped to support handmade.  

Your shaving kit comes with a lifetime guarantee

Now, this one isn’t for the whole industry, just our Stuga shaving kits. From the hand-carved shaving brush handles to the hand-glued bristles, and the handmade soap to the wooden shaving bowls,  our products come with a lifetime guarantee. 

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