A bit about what we do

About our leather

Quality is our no.1 priority. This means all the leather we stock and use in our range is only ethically sourced. Whether its our classic colour range of leathers which are all 100% Australian hides produced in local Australian tanneries. We have scoured our backyard to find the best leather. We firmly believe that if we are to offer you the absolute best quality, then it starts at the source. 

Knowing the sources of where our leathers come from and getting to know the artisans who craft such luxurious materials, we can ensure that our leathers are not only the best in the world, but they are ethically and safely produced to the highest standards and the tanneries workers are paid a proper, fair wage.

Every piece we offer is designed and handmade in our Sydney workshop. This means no offshore sweatshop labour is used. Ensuring you not only get a long lasting piece, but you are supporting a local Australian family business.


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