Our objective at Stuga, “stooga”, or “cottage” in Swedish, is to simplify and enhance daily life. We achieve this by designing and handcrafting bespoke leather and woodwork pieces, along with artisan remedies. We take inspiration from our Scandinavian ancestors; focusing on design and form. We place great emphasis on focusing on the fine details.

Our bespoke leather pieces designs come from the question of “How do we make life easier?”. We pick the highest grade premium local leathers, that are the lightest, the strongest and the most desirable. All sourced from local artisan Australian tanneries who know their craft. When you work with the best materials possible, then their is no concern for compromise.

When it comes to grooming, We look to inspiration to the art of traditional grooming and inject a modern twist. We’ve sourced the finest materials and raw ingredients to create and design products that provide you with a simple and effective grooming ritual. Hand turned authentic badger bristle shaving brushes, artisan timber shaving brushes, hand poured shaving soaps and hand blended beard oils & beard balms are some of the Stuga grooming staples found in our clients grooming stations.

Good practical design, will become a timeless, classic design.


With our mixed Swedish & Australian heritage, Stuga opened its first store in Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania in 1986. By a young couple with a dream. An Australian man with a passion for design and to work with his hands. A Swedish women with an eye for fashion in knitwear and the craft of wool. These combined talents have now been passed on to their son, Nicklas.

As a family owned business, we have been designing and handcrafting functional wood, leather, wool & metal products for the world for over 30 years. 

From designing to handcrafting, Nicklas takes pride in ensuring each step of the process is executed with precision, creating products of the highest standard. Stuga is now based at The Rocks in Sydney and internationally through our online store.

Proudly Australian handmade products from our family to yours.