How to look after your handmade wooden shaving brushes and bowls

a group of tasmanian huon pine shaving brushes with silver tip badger bristles

If you’ve purchased a traditional shaving kit chances are you’re looking for something that’s less disposable. Something that will last you for years to come, or even to pass down to the next generation.  The good news is, everything that is made at Stuga comes with a lifetime guarantee. But even if things are made […]

Why traditional shaving kits are better

shaving brush with red wood handle straight razor and shave soap

As years go on and technology continues to advance, we’re slowly realising that certain things are best left to tradition. And shaving is no exception. Your Grandad or Great Grandad’s way of shaving was simple and better for your skin. And, to really understand why a traditional shaving kit is better, you need to understand what […]