Meet the maker

A little bit about me….

My name is Nicklas Levis. I have a beautiful daughter who I love more than anything in the world and my greatest motivation for what i do.

I have fond memories as a young boy of my father and grandfather’s workshop.  They were constantly creating things, showing me how to use the tools (safe ones of course!) and coming up with cleaver ideas on fixing problems. I will always remember this time as the reason of why i now love creating things and the immense satisfaction of working with my hands. After all Stuga was started by my parents so I have grown up around it all my life.

Before Stuga, I served in the Australian Army and the Navy. After the military i wanted to achieve my next goal, so I completed university and pursued a progressional life in the field of Accounting and Banking. Although I learnt a lot along the way and met some of my life long friends in all these fields, I was never entirely satisfied, something was missing, something was calling me back to my roots.

The pure joy of making things with my hands and the immense pride seeing the delight that other people had from the things i created with my hands, this was my calling. To this day every piece i craft, still fills me with the same sense of satisfaction and pride knowing someone out there is being fulfilled with something I made.

It is of up most importance to me, that everything I craft is made in a way to have the least impact on the environment and not to exploit others for my own personal gain. All the timbers I source are either recycled or reclaimed, they generally have no other uses, so they are ideal. All the leathers are ethically produced to the highest standards in Australia from locally sourced hides. Meaning I can support local makers, pay a fair wage for all involved and ultimately create beautiful pieces which will last. Although our prices might not be as low as imported goods, you can be assured of where it comes from, the effort that went into crafting your piece and  you are supporting my small local business.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop. I hope you enjoy my products and they last you a lifetime.


Nicklas Levis