Boar Hair Shaving Brush | 22mm knot | Assorted Handles


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The trustworthy Boar hair shaving brush. A favourite in traditional European barber shops for nearly 150 years. Boar hair is an outstanding bristle that offers a firm feel, it can produce a huge lather and will last! Boar bristles unique feel and quality of lather is what has made this trusty brush so popular for so long.

We handcraft each brush and have it set into your choice of stunning timbers. Including Beech (Lighter wood), Ash (Darker wood) even famous exotic Tasmanian Huon Pine. A must have in any shaving collection.

NOTE: People often ask “How to break in a boar bristle shaving brush?”. Boar bristle required a “break-in”. As the bristles are firm when new, continued use and exposure to warm water will gradually soften the bristles to a luxurious texture. The use of hot water can help speed up the process, but as with leather a beautiful bristle patina is formed from use.

Each brush is entirely handmade by Nick in our Sydney based workshop. Making this one of the only truly Australian handmade shaving brushes.

If you want this brush a stunning gift, we can engrave the handle with name or message for a personalised touch. Too add that extra touch and make it a gift to remember, this brush be presented in a handcrafted pine wood box. Not only the ideal gift wrapping but the box can be used to store the brush.

Brush Care:
To preserve your brush ensure after use to thoroughly rinse the bristles out with fresh water and shake out any excess water. Our brushes do not need to be hung as we seal each handle to prevent cracking. Allow to air dry.

Wood Care:
As timber is a natural product the look and finish of each piece will vary. We select timbers which are suitable to use in wet environments. We use a combination of woodworking oils, finishing waxes and in some cases lacquer to achieve a quality finish. However these can wear over time. But with a simple refresh of a quality wood care product, this can restore the original lustre of the timber.

The Makers Quality Assurance:
We stand by our craft and take pride in what we do. We want to ensure you are satisfied and enjoy this item. This mean this item is covered by our life time guarantee. Should this item experience any defects, faults or should you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to address your concern. Just another reason to be assured of our quality.