FEATHER Popular | double edge safety razor


From Japan comes the Feather ‘Popular’ Double Edge Razor. Lightweight body materials make this razor easy to use. A durable metal head featuring the simple, but ingenious designed ‘butterfly’ style head makes loading and unloading blades quick and easy, whilst offering many levels of adjustably. Comes packaged in a sturdy clam shell case.

Includes two FREE Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades to get you started. Replacement blades available here.

Designed and manufactured in Japan.

Designed to be ideally used with Feather Hi-Stainless DE blades

Adjustable to suit all DE blade types and to your skin and hair type..

Waterproof, rust proof, durable.

Engineered for a precise close shave.

 All metal blades

Simply. twist the handle base to open the razors head. Drop the blade in, tighten it down and away you go. Don’t press to hard, let the blade do the work. A safety razor works in much the same motion as modern disposable razor systems, however the high quality blades which are used within a safety razor give them a superior cutting ability.