Ignite cologne / perfume | eau de parfum


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Combined from a rich and exotic blend of oils. A scent that is distinct, fresh and complex.

The bright, crisp scent of fresh bergamot peel & lime blossom. Warm spices of zesty pepper and woody base notes of sweet cedar & sandalwood. These are just a few of the notes found in this exotic fragrance. Ideally suited for warm summery days or a night out. This scent is immediately noticeable for its distinct and unique blend of natural oils.

Made to an Eau de parfum specification meaning a distinct scent and more scent oils rather than fillers. This will ensure the scent will linger for hours.

Australian grain alcohol is used to handcraft this vibrant scent.


If you wish to test a sample of this scent, simply let us know on your next order and we can include a tester.

NOTE: If you are outside of Australia but wish to experience the Ignite scent, please view our Traditional EDP here.