Skin hydration balm 100g bergamot & lemon


The ultimate skin treatment for dehydrated & dry skin. Enriched with a high concentration of up to 70% pure Shea Nut Butter, this balm will provide deep nourishment and hydrate the skin. Natural ingredients create a rich emollient texture that is easily absorbed into the skin and provides long lasting hydration for the skin.

Use daily for best results.

Deep moisturising to reduce skin dryness, cracking and irritation

Enriched with upto 70% pure Shea nut butter

Blend of natural nut oils, including Almond & Jojoba

All natural ingredients, nothing fake or synthetic

A small amount of skin hydration balm goes a long way. Use desired amount on areas that are dry. Also great at use in drier, cooler climates to restore lost moisture from dry air.

Storage note: As this balm uses raw, unrefined natural Shea nut butter, ambient temperatures above 30c / 86f will cause the Shea butter texture to soften. To avoid this, store in a cool, dark place. If the mixture becomes too soft, cool in a fridge or freezer until hardened.