WÖLFE 119G – double edge safety razor set


Evolve from the ways of the disposable razor with there inferior cutting and large amounts of plastic waste. The WÖLFE 119G safety razor set ideal way to get started with the traditional safety razor.

The WÖLFE 119G (Gun Metal) double edge safety razor is a precision made tool for those that want an effective shave which leaves the skin smooth and cuts even the most stubborn hair. A heavy weight in the shaving world, manufactured from durable, waterproof metal, this safety razor utilises even the sharpest, modern double edge safety razor blades. You will love the clean, close shave with the WÖLFE 119G safety razor. Designed for use with today’s popular brands of double edge safety razor blades.


Adjustable to suit all DE blade types and to your skin and hair type..

Waterproof, rust proof, durable.

Accepts all modern double edge safety razor blades.

Engineered for a precise close shave.

No plastic waste. All metal blades