WÖLFE 119G | ‘Gun Metal’ – double edge safety razor kit


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Evolve from the ways of the disposable razor with their inferior cutting and large amounts of plastic waste, or electric razors and their inability to cut even fine hair and return to the tool of choice for many shavers since the 1800’s. The WÖLFE safety razor set ideal way to get started with the traditional safety razor.

The WÖLFE double edge safety razor is a precision made tool for those that want an effective shave which leaves the skin smooth and cuts even the most stubborn hair. A heavy weight in the shaving world, manufactured from durable, waterproof metal. The secret to all safety razors is their diverse range of blade offerings, meaning you can find a blade suitable to your hair and skin type. We have packaged a variety of commonly available blades for you to sample to gain experience in what blades you feel comfortable with, so when it comes time for replacements, you will be empowered that you are selecting the correct blade type. With replacement blades costing only a  fraction of what modern plastic style razors cost whilst also having superior cutting, the ease of use and smooth shave and 100% recyclable stainless steel blades. Your wallet, body and the planet will all love you for the change.

From our own personal experience in using razors, we have thoughtfully packaged the key components into a razor kit to give you the best shave you will ever have.

Safety Razor kit includes:

  • Safety razor body
  • Safety razor stand for neat storage and presentation
  • Razor body case, ideal for travel and home storage, which is suitable to leave blade in
  • Selection of blades to trial, giving you the opportunity to sample a range of commonly available blades.