WÖLFE 90C | ‘Chrome’ – double edge safety razor body


High quality, durability & “The best shave ever!” are the terms we frequently hear when people comment on the WÖLFE safety razor. Its ease of use, high quality build and outstanding shaving performance. The WÖLFE safety razor is the preferred grooming tool of choice.

The WÖLFE double edge safety razor is a precision made tool for those that want an effective shave which leaves the skin smooth and cuts even the most stubborn hair. A heavy weight in the shaving world, manufactured from durable, waterproof metal. The secret to the effectiveness of this razor is the expert design and capability of using a diverse range of double edge razor blades. With replacement blades costing only a fraction of what modern plastic style razors cost whilst also having superior cutting, the ease of use and smooth shave and 100% recyclable stainless steel blades. Your wallet, body and the planet will all love you for the change.

Adjustable to suit all DE blade types and to your skin and hair type.

Waterproof, rust proof, durable.

Accepts all modern double edge safety razor blades.

Engineered for a precise close shave.

No plastic waste. All metal blades